This is the first post! It's kind of stressful. Am I doing it right? Can I do it wrong? Anyway, hi! Nice to meet you. Welcome to my website. A bit of background about me...

My name is Miranda. I've sewn since I was probably 9. I've quilted since I was about 16. My parents one day informed me they were opening a quilt store. "Uh, ok" was likely my teenager response. But I was hooked. I've had some time were I sewed more and some times where I sewed less since then. About twelve years ago my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yeah. It sucked. We were told she had six months to live. So I sold the house I didn't like anyway and moved in to help my mom. Turned out she had two years to live. I seriously picked up quilting with her. I treasure those memories and haven't stopped quilting since. 


When you've been quilting on and off for the better part of 21 or so years, you have a lot of quilts. And you're pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. So rather than force my family to find room for even more quilts I decided to start selling them. And here I am today! 

When I started quilting, if it weren't for the crazy batiks, I totally would have quit. Most of the fabric in the 90s, I'm sorry to say, was not for me, or anyone anywhere near my age. But the batiks were considered new and weird and wild and me with my purple hair and tongue piercing at age 18 were all about batiks. But today, wow. The fabric is so much better, the colors so much more me. The designs much more modern and contemporary. Tula Pink in my mom's quilt shop in the 90s would have caused a stroke for sure. While I'm not a huge Tula Pink fan (gasp, sorry, I know, she's a cool lady though) I'm more of a Denise Schmidt kind of person. I hope you'll see that in the quilts I make too. And I still like some batiks too. Always will.