Father's Day Gifts for Beer Lovers


Beer Lover Gift Ideas

When you think beer theme décor, do you kind of cringe? I sure do. My husband loves to brew beer, drink beer, pontificate on beer, but any "beer themed" décor I have ever found has been, well, tacky. Then I found this fabric! Finally, tasteful beer décor. Beer Makes Everything Better


And I didn't hate it! I liked the messages and was willing to consider hanging these on the wall. Drink Good Beer With Good Friends


Indeed, life is too short for bad beer and ugly home décor. Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Beer


Drink Good Beer Live The Good Life

Now, practicalities. Each is approximately 11 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches high. Hanging it - below is a photo of the back. Note the tabs in the top corners. Stick a wooden dowel in there. Balance the dowel on a couple nails. Or attach a string to the dowel and attach to a nail. I'm thinking about pillows next. If you're interested, contact me about it!